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What is BuiltView and why incorporate it into your work flow?

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An effective & efficient construction team relies heavily upon good quality, well-kept & easily accessible documentation. It is understood that every week approximately 6,000 photos are taken daily, of these only 1,500 are saved & shared onto project servers, therefore 75% of photos are not accessible. BuiltView addresses this problem by automating the tedious process of uploading, organising & saving content and also allows users to add more context & detail to their photos and videos. Freeing up the precious time of site teams and ensuring that the documentation process is stress-free.

BuiltView is the dedicated camera app for construction teams.

BuiltView has been developed with input from active site teams to ensure it caters to & keeps up with the demands that construction teams face when capturing, sharing & managing onsite content.

The app is designed to replace your phone camera, to capture and document onsite activities which are automatically uploaded to and can be shared with your selected work teams.

There are many functions that BuiltView incorporates that adds value to your content. Through tags to provide more context, descriptions to tell the story, location capture to provide insight, the capability to view and overlay content on a map with custom project layers like Nearmaps and KML site plans, export bulk photos in high-quality JPEG, and set your own file name structure with dates, username, tags, and descriptions with features & functions continuously added.

Going forward incorporate BuiltView into your workflow, for site teams, save hours per week and for construction leaders & managers, make the process of keeping on top of project progressions seamless.

Go ahead and read articles for more information & guidance on setting up & getting the most out of BuiltView.

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