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Get Started: BuiltView App
Get Started: BuiltView App

How to setup & get the most out of the BuiltView App

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This article assists new users of BuiltView on how to get started & get the most of the app to add value to everyday workflows.

Getting Started

To get started download the BuiltView app, which is accessible on both the App Store and Play Store.

Once the app is installed, set up an account using your email address.

When logged in you're ready to start capturing, sharing & uploading content.

Capturing Content

When taking photos and videos, the BuiltView app provides functions to allow for further context & insight to be recorded and shared.

These functions include:

  • Tags; short phrases attached to content that can be used to sort & filter.

  • Description; tell the story of the image through a few words.

  • Location; capture the exact place the content was captured.

  • Timestamp; watermarked on the image, the exact time of capture.

  • Teams; share directly with your teammates.

To streamline the process of providing context through tags, descriptions, and teams use the pre-selection function. This ensures that all photos & videos taken include the details specified by you.

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