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On BuiltView tags are used to sort and filter content as well as add more context to your files when captured.

Now with the new team tag function, you can add more structure when managing your team's photos & videos within BuiltView. By creating team tags, each team will now have a structured list of tags that can be selected on the camera screen and that can be filtered on the web.

By using team tags it will save you the hassle of searching for those pre-saved tags or creating more that overlap with existing tags which will make sorting & filtering all that more fiddly.

To get started, jump into your team of choice and click on the settings of the team.

Then set & add relevant and important team tags, these could be subcontractor names, WBS codes, site names, or inspection types.

These team tags will now be positioned at the top of the tags list and be easily accessible on both the app & website, meaning that the team will be following the same tag structures every time they capture and upload content to the team. This will save time & ensure that all of your team's content is easily accessible, manageable, and shareable.

Reach out to the BuiltView team using the intercom chat on the left-hand side if you have any questions or recommendations for BuiltView.

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