Geotagging is a relatively new feature Builtview has introduced. We want to make sure Builtview can continue to be invaluable as a searchable database without user’s spending extra time on site tours switching tags. As a way to streamline the application of tagging, geotagging was introduced. This is valuable for tags which are related to the GPS location.

To set-up geotagging you need access to the Tag page in your team’s setting.

1) Access team settings in the top right corner of your team gallery

Step 1: Accessing geotagging

2) Go to the ‘tags’ page in the settings.

Step 2: Accessing geotagging

You should see a input box of all your tags at start of the page content. Underneath this section is where you can add geotagging.

1) Select either GPS or Floorplan for geotagging

Step 1: setting up geotagging

2) Click the plus icon on the right of the screen

Step 2: setting up geotagging

3) Search for a tag to set up geofence

Step 3: setting up geotagging

4) Select the tag and choose each Point/Radius or Geofence

Step 4: setting up geotagging

5) Using Point/Radius: Click on a point on the map, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up to adjust the radius

Step 5: setting up geotagging

6) Using Geofence: Use lines to create a box around the location to set the geofence

Step 6: setting up geotagging

7) Once you have set your boundaries, click save at the bottom of the pop-up!

Once you have clicked saved everything should work and photos taken within the boundaries will automatically have the tag selected.

Step 7: setting up geotagging