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Editing teams

You are able to manage your team in the team’s settings. This is accessible in the top right of the team gallery page in the ‘general’ tab. You can edit your team, leave, delete and archive. If you are unable to access team settings contact a Team Admin.

Managing Teams

Edit Team Information

In the team settings you can edit the name, display picture and associated project for the team.

Leaving Teams

You are able the leave a team if you are not the last member left on the team.

Deleting Teams

You can delete teams in the team settings. You are only able to do this if there are no media items in the team. We do not recommend deleting a team unless it was created by accident, or you are re-organising your onsite photos. Archiving is a better way to maintain your photo records without permanently deleting them.

Archiving Teams

Archiving is a great way to maintain onsite photo evidence for your progression onsite. Archiving will mean no user can upload any more content, maintaining the record and quality of the onsite evidence.